Kalamazoo Staff

Intentional Yoga, Katie Moskalik

Katie Moskalik, 500 RYT – Owner

Intentional Yoga Staff: Devon Crahan, director

Devon Crahan, 200 E-RYT – Director


Denise Nowak, 200 RYT

Denise first started yoga in 2005 looking to alleviate some back tensions exasperated by carrying around two young children, 18 months apart in age. She started at Intentional Yoga in 2011 and absolutely fell in love with hot yoga, the studio, and the community. Denise loves the newness and the journey found each time she unrolls her mat. As a teacher, she finds immense gratitude and inspiration by leading others to experience the physical as well as the mental benefits of yoga.


Ellen Jarl, 200 RYT

Ellen came to yoga in 2011 after a lifetime of dance. After graduating with a dance minor she was immediately drawn to yoga, saying, “I always feel like I have come home the first time I exhale into down dog.” After trying many forms of yoga she fell in love with vinyasa. She is inspired by the look on students faces after they finish class.

Intentional Yoga Staff: Elli Baartman

Elli Baartman, 200 RYT

Elli has been an athlete her entire life, and was exposed to yoga a few times before finding her home with hot yoga at iY. Once a skeptic, she’s found that yoga has made her stronger, more flexible, and better able to find the “joy in the right now.” Elli loves to create fun, athletic flows that push practitioners to their edge, and challenge them, while still remaining accessible to all levels.

Intentional Yoga Staff: Emily Dongvillo

Emily Dongvillo, 200 RYT

With a dad in the holistic health field, Emily grew up around yoga teachers and dabbled with poses as a kid. But it wasn’t until she came to iY in 2011 that she was able to build a consistent studio practice. Now, as a teacher, she has learned that “yoga gives you what you need, and often things you didn’t know that you needed; and teaching allows me to help others find that. It doesn’t matter why you came to your mat, it just matters that you showed up.”

Intentional Yoga Staff: Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes, RYT 200, SUP Yoga

Emily came to yoga at a time when she was recovering from a serious injury sustained during racing. After her first practice she was hooked. She strives to “find beauty in every asana. In every thing.” Emily found an environment truly free of ego, judgment and competition at iY. “I’d never known an environment where I was accepted for exactly for who I am, be it the happiest most ‘successful’ version of me or the crying puddle of letting go.”

Intentional Yoga Staff: Faye Davis

Faye Davis, 200 RYT


Helena Lombardi, 200 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Jackie Bozarth

Jackie Bozarth, 200 ERYT, PiYo, Step Aerobics

Jackie has been practicing yoga for eight years. She turned to yoga after years of running. The more yoga became a part of her life, the more benefits she started to see. Her flexibility increased, back pain decreased and she received an added benefit of reduced overall anxiety. In 2010 she decided she wanted to share her love of yoga with others by becoming a teacher.

Intentional Yoga Staff: Jaime Gram

Jaime Gram, 200 RYT

Jaime began practicing yoga in 2006 in San Diego, CA. She started in a Bikram studio, but once she discovered Vinyasa she never looked back. Music is an integral part of her life; whether she’s trying to meditate to calming ocean sounds or building strength with upbeat tempos, she genuinely feels the combination of yoga and music is a perfect match. Jaime loves the challenge of the four pillars: strength, flexibility, stability and mobility.  Any given day can bring a different experience on your mat.

Intentional Yoga Staff: Jaime Howard

Jami Howard, 200 RYT

Jami starter her yoga practice in 2006. She started with the 2 week introduction and fell in love. Soon she felt the gift of yoga transforming her physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a teacher, her “intention is to share the gift of yoga with as many as (she) can — on or off the mat.’ Every time she practices, as either a teacher or a student, brings a new dimension to her yoga practice.


Jen Lennon, 200 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Jeremy Blair

Jeremy Blair, 500 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Jeremy Mossman

Jeremy Mossman, 200 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Kimberly Lee

Kimberly Lee, 200 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Kristin-Bolhuis

Kristin Bolhuis, 200 RYT

Kristin was introduced to practicing yoga 17 years ago. After expectantly finding herself in a beginning yoga class, she was instantly intrigued and loved the way her body felt during the class and throughout the remainder of her day. Now, she loves to see the growth in her own students. She is inspired by watching them physically get stronger while mentally learning to let go of things and just “be present” on their mat.

Intentional Yoga Staff: LeeAnn Mayoras

LeeAnn Mayoras, 200 RYT

In 2008, LeAnn was searching for a way to exercise while homebound with an ill child – she found yoga. Now, as a teacher, she gets inspired to teach when she is a student. “I take a class and learn something new about a pose or something new about how my body should feel in that pose – I love to share those new “aha” moments with other people!”

Intentional Yoga Staff: Lindsey Stifler

Lindsey Stifler, 200 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Lisa Walsh

Lisa Walsh, 200 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Megan Schwark

Megan Schwark, 200 RYT

Intentional Yoga Staff: Robert Moskalik

Robert Moskalik, Front Desk

Intentional Yoga Staff: Sara Kozminske

Sara Kozminske, Front Desk

Intentional Yoga Staff: Stacey Reinoehl

Stacey Reinoehl, 200 RYT


Steve Butler, 200 RYT