iY RYT 200 Teacher Training

Deepen Your Study of the Ancient Art of Yoga

Whether you are interested in expanding your own personal practice or feel called to teach, our knowledgeable and experienced senior teachers will help deepen your knowledge.
This Yoga Alliance training course will deepen your understanding of the science of yoga and develop a greater insight of yourself on and off the mat. You will also enhance your delivery of our iY Hot signature class and learn to intelligently design and teach vinyasa and other traditional yoga classes.

Kalamazoo Teacher Training:
September 16, 2017 – January 28, 2018

Our Teacher Training is located at our Studio B, located in the Carillon Centre. Our school is licensed with the state of Michigan and registered with the National Yoga Alliance. There are many great schools that register teachers but we take pride in the fact that we provide more than what is required from Yoga Alliance. You will graduate with more information, knowledge, and experience hours than the average training program.

The natural urge to share yoga is inside each of us, and our program provides you with the necessary tools, language and context so you can inspire others in an effective way, while simultaneously letting your own unique talents and gifts shine through. You will be presented with the precise skills you need to teach students in an authentic, intelligent, and meaningful manner.

We have taken great care in our studies over the years to refine presentations on the following topics in our modules to help you become not just a Yoga teacher, but also a trained Yoga professional.

About The Modules:

  • Applicable Anatomy for asana (the postures) and pranayama (the breathing technique)
  • Asana break down (examining postures in great detail) and understanding the energetic effects of the postures
  • Hands on Assists and Adjustments
  • Chakras and their relationship to practice
  • Meditation and mindful Techniques
  • Pranayama techniques
  • Bandhas (the locks) and how to harness them in practice
  • Philosophy (Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and other vedic studies)
  • Sanskrit (How to pronounce yoga terminology)
  • How to teach all levels of students from beginners to advanced
  • Our unique safe & scientifically designed iY Hot signature sequence
  • How to design your OWN sequence with intelligence for safety of the body and balance to the nervous system
  • Therapeutic influence with variation, modifications and contraindications of postures and transitions
  • Expect teaching tips on how to be an effective teacher, understanding the dynamics of how to teach, presentation of self as a professional yoga teacher, vocal control, management of room dynamics, and student-teacher relationship experience
  • Ayurveda (health, diet, lifestyles choices) and practicing self-care
  • The business of yoga, leading workshops and conducting private sessions
  • Self discovery on and off the mat

About Our Facility:

Our teachers are experienced, enthusiastic, and committed to sharing their experience with you. Our team always continues to study. When you train at Intentional Yoga you can be sure you will be under the guidance of teachers who are experienced in the topics they are presenting. In fact, many of our teachers have graduated from the iY teacher training program in years passed.



Owner & Lead Educator:

Katie Moskalik, ERYT 200, RYT 500, Director of Training and Education

Director of Intentional Yoga:

Devon Crahan, ERYT 200

Senior iY Teachers:

Jeremy Blair, RYT 500
Helena Lombardi, RYT 200
Jackie Bozarth, RYT 200
Kristin Bolhuis, RYT 200
Jeremy Mossman, RYT 200
And several special guest speakers


  • Early bird: $ 2,995.00 (Through 8/31/17)
  • Full tuition: $3,150.00 (On or after 9/1/17)
  • Deposit fee of $400.00 due with application
    ($150 to be applied to tuition, $250 non-refundable registration fee to reserve spot, only 16 spots.)
  • $100.00 off tuition if paying by check or cash.
  • Must attend all modules. We understand life happens, but if an emergency comes up we need to be notified ASAP.
  • Additional $50/hour to work with RYT’s for make-up work.

10 Module Dates: Fall/Winter 2017

Saturdays and Sundays, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

  • September 16-17
  • September 23-24
  • October 7-8
  • October 21-22
  • November 4-5
  • December 16-17
  • January 6-7
  • January 13-14
  • January 20-21
  • January 27-28 (Graduation Weekend)

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