Rochester Hills Studio


Welcome to Intentional Yoga.

Our iY Slow Flow, iY Basic, iY Hot Slow Flow, iYPower, iY Hot, iY Hot Yoga B, iY Hot Express, iY Hot Vinyasa and iY Yin yoga classes are designed to make yoga accessible and enjoyable for EVERYONE. No one gets left behind in this supportive environment. Learn to calm the mind, open the heart, and strengthen the body. We’ve created the ultimate yoga experience where you can sweat, smile and stretch your way to a full mind-body transformation.

The iY teaching staff are highly qualified and incredibly passionate about what they teach and are always here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Are you new to yoga, or new to hot yoga? No worries. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever stepped onto a yoga mat before… no judgement, no competition, no mistakes, and no limitations.

Feel free to browse through our mindful living boutique which caters for natural body care. We have a range of yoga mats and yogitoes and if you don’t have a mat or yogitoes we have them available to rent. Our studio has showers and lockers, so feel free to bring a change of clothes for after class!

Learn more about what to expect and how to be prepared for class, and then see what classes fit your schedule. Create an account and sign up today!

iY sells Manduka & Jade brand mats