iY Hot Yoga

80 minutes, 103°F
This is it— the core of our yoga world here at Intentional Yoga! This is truly where the healing begins!

We take static poses to create focus and mix it with Vinyasa Flow for strength and flexibility. Then, we add in some upbeat, motivating music and a little heat for your health. Now you’ve got the combination for a unique, uplifting, rejuvenating experience. This series will stay the same each class, but no two practices are ever identical, the challenge is yours to create!

NEW iY Hot Yoga B

60 Minutes, 105°F 40% Humidity

iY 60 Minute Hot Yoga B practice compliments or 80 minute iY Hot Yoga Practice.  When practiced regularly together, you can take your practice to a whole different level.

“Our 60 minute practice is an evolution of ancient yoga poses set into 26 structured postures, which works the entire body, building strength, flexibility and energy!

Please make sure you are fully hydrated before, during and after the practice.




iY Slow Flow

60 Minutes
Feeling a little frantic lately? Find challenge in stillness. The iY Slow Flow puts you back in touch with the ground beneath your feet. Here we’ll focus on slowing things down. This class will incorporate slower-paced series of powerful postures with longer holds and deeper breaths. By cultivating patience, physical strength and mental stability, you’ll feel more grounded in no time.

This class is accessible to all levels. Every teacher has their own style, so come and try them all!

iY Basic

60 Minutes
New to Yoga, then this is the ideal class to begin your yoga journey. Learning basic postures, simple movement and accessible strengthening exercises being the main elements of this class. You will also focus on breath work and de-stressing the body and mind to help you find a deep calm.

iY Yin Yoga

60 minutes, non-heated
Join us as we turn off the heat and let the deep, dynamic stretching of Yin Yoga take over. With more emphasis on the deeper tissues in the body, Yin moves past the muscles and stimulates the joints and connective tissue, creating a body and mind opening that is unparalleled in any other type of activity. This class is excellent for any student looking to create a truly balanced yoga practice. Yin Yoga increases flexibility and offers the perfect compliment to our iY Hot Yoga, iY Hot Yoga B, iY Gentle Yoga Therapy, iY Fusion and iY Slow Flow practices.

iY Power Flow

60 minutes

Feeling a little sluggish lately? Find challenge through movement. The iY Power Flow will get you up and moving! Release your inner fire as we pick up the pace and introduce you to fun, challenging postures linked together in dynamic sequences and synchronized through the breath. Be fearless… get playful! Put aside perfection and open yourself up to flying (and falling) and find freedom in this meditation in motion. Create balance, strength and flexibility in this Vinyasa inspired flow designed for all levels. You are always encouraged to move at your own pace. Every teacher has their own style, so come and try them all!

iY Sculpt

60 minutes

Take it up a notch! iY Sculpt classes add free weights to your practice for added resistance to intensify each pose and sculpt your major muscle groups. By using light weights, iY Sculpt offers a unique alternative to a traditional yoga class. Set to upbeat and energizing music, this class is designed for you to move through movements to develop a stable foundation of strength, flexibility and balance.