Rochester Hills Staff

Jacqui Ambler-Smith, E-200 RYT — Owner
One of the highlights in Jacqui life was the day she discovered yoga and the unlimited benefits of this ancient practice. She realized that yoga is an individual story of transformation and discovery through continued practice, using the breath, and mind stillness through meditation. Her passion in teaching is finding the perfect balance of transformation for each student through love and kindness, emphasizing strongly on the importance of alignment and breath.


Josh Rea, E-200 RYT

A chief enthusiast of the healing arts. Josh’s soothing voice and loving demeanor nurtures both the beginner and seasoned practitioner. With a diverse background in alignment focused yoga, pranayama, flow arts, meditation, aromatherapy and holistic care, he brings a unique outlook and enthusiasm to the modern day yoga practice.

Carly Cenit, 200 RYT
When Carly was first introduced to yoga about 2 years ago she viewed yoga as a physical workout. While practicing she found herself feeling calmer, lighter and began using her breath frequently to de-stress during college. It was not until Carly completed her RYT 200 that she learned the true meaning of yoga. Less is More; Take a Break; Baby Steps; were all statements she always heard, but never applied until she found yoga. Over time, her strength built, not only on the mat but in life. She was better with decisions, seizing opportunities, and building a stronger person, inside and out. The physical practice created a path for Carly that she shares through teaching.
Alison DeJaeger, 200 RYT
Alison showed up to her first yoga class wearing a long sleeve thermal, cotton pants, and wool socks. Ten minutes in, she realized the error of her ways. Despite sweating what would one day be called “Lake Michigan”, she knew she would be back. After several years of practice, she became certified by CorePower Yoga in 2011. In 2013, she moved from Chicago, IL back to Rochester Hills, MI to be with family (and also to be able to find/afford a parking spot). After only one class at Intentional Yoga, she knew this was the studio she wanted to call her yoga home. Off the mat, Alison spends her time biking, swimming, snowboarding, and eternally cleaning dog hair created by her awesome black lab mix, Gus.
Diana Milne

I am here in this lifetime to be of service. I am committed to support you in the Expansion, Experience and Exploration of your life through a Yogic Life style. I am educated in several modalities of Yoga and  Meditation.


Teri Beth Norton 200 RYT

Yoga has fulfilled more than Teri Beth’s desire to maintain physical fitness, but has brought her a sense of personal balance that has assisted her in her running endurance.  She has come to realize that the body and mind are undeniably entwined and health cannot exist only in one domain. Life continues to present new challenges and opportunities to us all, and Teri Beth looks forward to the unknown adventures (especially if it involves elephants!)  because she knows “We know what we are, but know not what we may be,” (Wm. Shakespeare)…until we try.




Jessica Gladys 200 RYT

Jessica retired from Royal Caribbean International after ten years as a lead dancer and aerialist in their Broadway and Las Vegas style shows.  When Jessica moved home she was looking for a different type of workout and started practicing at Intentional Yoga, falling in love with the studio and all the students.  Jessica did her training with IY and is very grateful to have the opportunity to teach and learn in this wonderful yoga community


Maryann Schaller 200 RYT

Maryann has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and it really has become a passion of her life.  “I love bringing new people into the studio and get so excited when they fall in love with practicing!  It seemed like a natural progression to become a yoga instructor and feel blessed to have found such a warm and welcoming studio at Intentional Yoga Rochester. I enjoy meeting new people and look forward to helping students on their yoga journey.”


Christian Roberson

Christian played both college and professional basketball which started him on his yoga journey.  While attending Rochester College in 2008, he started practicing yoga.  He became a true yogi in 2012 after realizing yoga was not only good for the body, but also good for the mind and soul.  After studying and practicing at Intentional Yoga, he developed a passion for teaching and can be found teaching our signature hot class!


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Brandi Vander Eyk

I am 200 hr RYT certified and have been teaching yoga exclusively over the last five years in the Oakland County area. I originally began as a student of the Ashtanga tradition and eventually branched out to both Vinyasa and Yin practices. I believe strongly that yoga is for EVERY body, and that the yin and yang aspects are necessary in every class I offer for finding and maintaining a sense of wholeness. And while it is my way to offer a challenging class, I am attuned to offering possibilities for everyone in the classroom.