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Teacher Training IY Rochester Hills
August 26th, 2017 – January 7th, 2018 

Deepen Your Study of the Ancient Art of Yoga

All Yoga practices are included at iY Rochester Hills during Teacher Training.

Course text books are extra.

Course Curriculum to include but may not be limited to:

  • Foundations of Yoga – Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • History of Yoga, Ethics & Philosophy – (Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and other Vedic Studies)
  • Pranayama / Breathing Techniques
  • Asana break down (examining postures in great detail) and understanding the energetic effects of the postures
  • Sequencing / Vinyasa (How to design your OWN sequence with intelligence for safety of the body and balance to the nervous system)
  • Modifications and Variations including use of Props
  • Anatomy Sessions
  • Chakra Workshop and the relationship to the practice.
  • Mudras / Bandhas (the locks) and how to harness them in practice
  • Hands on Assists and Adjustment
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Ayurveda (health, diet, lifestyles choices) and practicing self-care
  • Sound  – Mantra, Music, Playlists, Compiling, and Sequencing
  • Supervised Practice, Teaching and Feedback Sessions
  • Practice Teaching and Feedback Sessions
  • Sanskrit (How to pronounce yoga terminology)
  • Observation Classes / Practice of Yoga
  • Homework
  • Self Discovery on the mat and off the mat – Community

Email: Jacqui@intentionalyoga.com

10 Module Dates: Fall 2017

Saturdays: 8:00am — 5:00pm

Sundays: 9:00am — 5:00pm


Module 1: August 26th-27th


Module 2: September 9th-10th


Module 3: September 23rd-24th


Module 4: October 7th-8th


Module 5: October 21st-22nd


Module 6: November 4th-5th


Module 7:November 18th-19th


Module 8: December 3rd-4th


Module 9: December 16th-17th


Module 10: January 6th-7th (Graduation Weekend)


Early Bird Discounts Available / Payment Plan Options

Tuition Fees as Follows:


Non-Refundable Application Fee of  $200.00


                              Early Bird Plan:

Tuition Due on or before Tuesday August 15th , 2017
*Checks Preferred. Made out to Intentional Yoga Teachers Training
Total $2,499.00
Payment Plan
Tuition 2 Module Payment Due on or before Saturday August 26th, 2017 $550.00
8 x Checks $275.00 (Total of 8 remaining Modules.)*Each separate payment of module is due on the Friday before the Module.


*Checks Preferred. Made out to Intentional Yoga Teachers Training



This comprehensive program will be the backbone of All your future Yoga Practices, giving you a deeper and fuller Understanding of Yoga, which will allow you to teach or just deepen your practice. This program is designed for All Levels of students regardless of age or fitness level.

Register by contacting: Jacqui Ambler-Smith 



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