Hot Yoga

This is it— the core of our yoga world here at Intentional Yoga! This is truly where the healing begins! We take static poses to create focus and mix it with Vinyasa Flow for strength and flexibility. Then, we add in some upbeat, motivating music and a little heat for your health. Now you’ve got the combination for a unique, uplifting, rejuvenating experience.


Heated Vinyasa

This fun and lively class is designed to explore the body’s capacity for strength. This very popular yoga style requires a good working knowledge of the basic yoga poses. Classes may include more dynamic and complex postures that include arm balances, deeper back-bends, and inversions. However, Vinyasa is an art and classes will vary teacher to teacher.



Take it up a notch! iY Sculpt classes add free weights to your practice for added resistance to intensify each pose and sculpt your major muscle groups. By using light weights, iY Sculpt offers a unique alternative to a traditional yoga class. Set to upbeat and energizing music, this class is designed for you to move through movements to develop a stable foundation of strength, flexibility and balance.



A restful and calming practice, including gentle flowing movements, passive poses, and supported stretches. A perfect experience for a new coming yogi or anyone dealing with injuries or limitations, as well as those who simply enjoy and slower and softer approach to yoga. While all classes are all levels, this class is a great atmosphere for beginners.


Hot Barre Fusion

This class is a hot and fun fusion of our Hot Yoga class with Barre. Bringing bars into Studio A, along with mats and props, you are sure to feel the burn as muscle groups are isolated, using repetition and control. This class is fun way to focus on balance, core strength, and building lean muscle.


Private & Group Classes

Have something different in mind? Let’s make it happen. Teams, bachelorette, birthday, family, injury-specific, reunion, you name it, we would love to create a unique and fun experience just for you! Available in both Studio A and Studio B, please contact us for further planning and scheduling.